Alex Hollis

8% of visionary CEOs do not have the necessary skills to execute on that vision. The rest need an operational executor who ensures that things get done. I know the one thing the business needs; present clear choices so the leadership team can decide the best path to get them there. To execute on that vision, I:

Build highly skilled teams

  • Evaluating people’s attributes to create an environment that gets the best out of everyone.
  • Clearly communicating the vision, how we get there, and the importance of individual contribution.

Create repeatable processes

  • Logically designing and adapting methods to deliver the best customer experience.
  • In the absence of data, able to make good, confident judgment calls based on gut instinct.

Challenge the status quo

  • Executing the big ideas that challenge the market norms and get the business noticed.
  • Remaining calm under pressure and taking command to see things through.

Seek incremental gains

  • My background in technology and executive experience mean I can connect conversations.
  • Applying the lessons from my commitment to lifelong learning provides a source of continual improvement

Growing teams from startup to medium-sized organisation, and a regular speaker on the conference circuit; I thrive when I can learn about other people’s experiences and the world they operate within.

If you wish to contact me about my work you can do so through LinkedIn.