[BBC] Cyclist crash ‘joke’ tweeter sacked from stockbrokers

Rayhan Qadar, a London stock broker who tweeted:

“Think I just hit a cyclist. But I’m late for work so had to drive off lol”

has been fired following the controversy. Hargreaves Lansdown said the tweet was “unacceptable” and have confirmed his dismissal. Mr Qadar has said the tweet was obviously not true and 99% of his tweets are nonsense.

Original story here

Twitter scandles are an almost daily occurrence now. As a GRC professional I can understand the organisations need to distance themselves from these comments and roll my eyes at the stupidity of the tweeter. I recommend ensuring a social media policy is in place which makes clear the companies position and for individuals to heed this example as a warning of the issues that can arise.

From my ‘personal’ soap box it annoys me that we live in a world where all joke social media commentary has to be sent from a registered comedian or explicitly marked “the following tweet is intended to be a joke” (which really eats into your character limit). This particular example is not very funny and there are plenty of poor jokes and even offensive jokes. If you don’t like them don’t read / follow / friend / re-tweet etc.

According to the BBC the Met police are investigating and asking for victims or witnesses to come forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start looking into reports of poultry jaywalking.

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