2016 for a GRC Practitioner

It’s a cold Monday morning in London as I cross over the Southwark bridge, famous among Luther fans. I’m returning back to a client to pick back up on a project after the festive break.

What will 2016 hold in store for me?


Late December RSA launched version 6.0 of the Archer GRC product. It promises a better interface and brand new workflow tools.

Having worked on one of the first customers to deploy version 6.0 I am already impressed. There are teething problems and some folk who ‘don’t like change’ but broadly I’m impressed.

I predict that in the second half of the year there will be loads of existing Archer customers on the phone wanting to upgrade.


I successfully delivered six projects last year. When I look back at the time and productivity I am really happy with that level of delivery. Any more and I wouldn’t be delivering my best.

This year I’m going to try and take myself out of the hands on configuration and place more trust others. I’m also going to strive for simplicity. All too often I’m pushed for the complex and clever. The lure of demonstrating how clever, tricky or innovative a solution can be when simple would suffice.


Over the last year I concentrated on honing my craft. From each of the projects, conversations, sales calls I learned a great deal. The expectations and needs of customers, big and small. The extent to which current technology can provide an answer and where it cannot or should not.

This year I would like to discuss some of those things. I want to connect with more people. I want to question ideas, argue, laugh and generally share some of my understanding in exchange for other peoples ideas.

So I wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2016. If you want to know what my predictions are for GRC in 2016 please head on over to www.grcblog.co.uk


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